Who is Poppy?

To be creative is to put little pieces of love into each design you create


 I am a creative girl who is specialised in developing new designs for babies, children & juniors. At this moment many of my designs can be found printed on fabric, which are distributed in Europe. Because of the good cooperation between me and the fabric producers you can find new designs in the market every month!

My main goal is to get the end customer enthusiastic and to give them inspiration for creating something handmade with the fabrics of my designs. It makes me very happy that with my fun, fresh and bright designs, many other creative friends get the motivation to start sewing. Whenever I see a creation that has been made from the fabrics of my designs, I am extremely proud!

As I have been a fashion trend watcher for a couple of years, I can recognize quickly the need which is in the market for several styles of designs. I get my inspiration by exploring new streets and markets, reading magazines, travelling, seeing colour combinations, shopping and looking what is happening in the current market of course. And what I see every day again, is that more and more people want to develop something unique themselves, so that they and their children can create their own identity! This is a lot of fun and gives me the joy to continue creating new designs for the following years!