Unicorn Love

13 June 2017

Unicorns are very hot this moment. You see the unicorn everywhere, in the food sector, as hair & make up inspiration and of course as print on clothing. I have some lovely designs with different kind of unicorns. See below one of them on a woven cotton poplin fabric for the teens!

Kitty Cats

9 June 2017

For all the girls that love cats, I have a beautiful sweat melange fabric. It is a real trend to have pets in prints at this moment. I hope you like it!


Siblings Love

7 June 2017

Aren't these big sister and little brother cute together? As you can see, Monochrome Black & White is always a good idea!

Poppy Magazine – Designed for you

1 June 2017

Our newest Poppy MagazineEdition 9 is available from now on!!! You can order the magazine online by clicking on this link:  http://www.bypoppy.eu/e/581/Subscribe
What are you waiting for? Get your sewing machine out of the closet and start making these beautiful clothes from the most stylish sewing patterns for baby-, children- & hobby articles. I’m very excited to hear what you think of all the new designs and patterns!

Sneak peek Poppy Magazine Edition 9

21 April 2017

See below one of our beautiful models for the new Poppy Magazine Edition 9. Do you want to be the first to receive the magazine? Please click on subscribe, so you can be one of the first persons who can glance through the magazine. I wish you a lot of sewing fun in advance!!!

Sewing time

10 April 2017

Underneath you can find an easy instruction sewing movie of pattern P1710 Jumpsuit from Edition 8 of the Poppy Magazine.
Have fun watching!


Poppy Rocks

29 March 2017

See below one of our star dessins. This beautiful baby set on cotton jersey is made by Rockabye Bibs & Bobs, isn’t it cute?

Cute baby set

20 March 2017

See below one of my fabrics on comfortable sweat quality worked out as a complete beautiful baby set! Love it! It is always so much fun to see what you guys make from my designs! 

Spring is coming!

12 March 2017

The birds are signing in the morning, the flowers pop-up out of the ground. This is the time that the nature is coming alive again. We have a beautiful serie of cotton fabrics that suits this moment according to me. See below our sweet combination of 3 fabrics.


21 February 2017

I can’t wait for spring and the colourful flowers to pop out! So it is time for tulips and singing birds! See below already a design to get you in the right mood, this baby corduroy fabric brings me already a little bit of spring. Hope it does the same for you!


Seeking the differences

12 February 2017

See below one of our newest dessins, the one on the right is the correct one, can you find the 6 differences between the 2 underneath? Good luck!

Lovely Lilac

19 January 2017

Pastel colours where already hot and we see that lilac is also taking in an important role for next season. You can find this sweet colour in my collection already, for example in the beautiful blossom print on cotton, which you can see underneath.


Soft shell

15 January 2017

For this time of the year you need warm jacket to go outside and play in the snow. Did you know I have also have a print collection on 3-layer soft shell fabric that resists water and wind? This is so comfortable for kids to wear. See below one of my designs. Enjoy the snow!


3 January 2017


19 December 2016

Boys Blouse

11 December 2016

In my new Poppy Magazine you will find a pattern for a jersey blouse for boys, it looks very stylish and is super comfortable! Maybe you can still sew one for your boy for Christmas? This handsome boy underneath never wanted to wear blouses, but after getting to know this one, he wanted to keep it!

Cool clothes

1 December 2016

See below one of the fashionable sets of our new Poppy Magazine Edition 8. Do you also want to make this for your little girl? To order the Magazine online please click here and just for a view online click here.

Poppy Magazine Edition 8

29 November 2016

See below the cover of our newest Poppy Magazine Edition 8. We are super proud of it! I’m so curious to find out what your first impression is? If you want to subscribe to the magazine please click on this picture and fill in the sheet! I wish you so much sewing fun!!

Shining Eyes

17 November 2016

One of the hot items in my collection are the shining eyes, this fashionable cotton jersey fabric has a glitter that pops up the eyes. Great for lovely teenage girls!

Baby shark

10 November 2016

In the newest Poppy Magazine edition 8 there will be some hobby articles again! See below our little shark. The purring fur fabric which is used is super soft, so that your little kid will feel warm in this cosy bathrobe. Do you want to make a shark bathrobe for you toddler, just find Edition 8 of the Poppy Magazine! It will be in the stores very soon!



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