Graphic Black & White

7 April 2015

Not all kids and their mothers ;-) love multi-colour and bright designs, so especially for the cool kids I have also made some high fashion geometric prints. Now they can make edgy t-shirts and jogging pants for their fashionista’s!


30 March 2015

This time of the year is just Happy, isn’t it?? We think it’s time to celebrate the longer days and the extra sunlight filtering trough the windows. We already set the table for our Easter Brunch to celebrate the beginning of the Spring and to give you some inspiration for this weekend. Enjoy Easter everyone!

Another sneak peak

15 March 2015

We are working hard for our new Edition of the B*Inspired by Poppy Magazine. So for you this is a little sneak peak of one of the designs, but please don’t tell anyone ;-). Are you already looking forward sewing this lovely dress?

Little one!

8 March 2015

Fly away!

26 February 2015

Trendsetting Little boys

12 February 2015

A funky approach in combining these Dashing Dogs with some plain colours together, to create a modern uptown look for boys.
These days the boys also want to be a part of the creative world and show off there cool clothes.
See below one of these great fabrics for your little rascal!


Other creatives!

5 February 2015

More and more other creatives send me pictures of the clothes they made with our B* Inspired By Popppy Magazine. This gives me a great feeling.
See below a dress from a poppy design made by Ikke = mooi. Click here to see more.



25 January 2015
This makes me so happy! Thanks Pienkel for the lovely dress that you made for your daughter! Click here for the dress!

Check out!

15 January 2015

Did you already see the new B*Inspiredy by Poppy Magazine edition 4 online? Well check it out in our side bar and see the magazine immediately. If you want to buy it, please find your nearest fabric store and ask for it! I wish you a lot of sewing fun with the patterns!

Happy New Year!

5 January 2015

Feeling to sew?

11 December 2014

Days are getting colder, so the weather is very suitable for crawling behind your sewing machine with your hot chocolate. With these lovely fabrics in nautical style you can make so many beautiful things, like these stuffed animals. See below two of my favourite ones. Wouldn’t this also be a great Christmas gift for your kids?

Released today!!

1 December 2014

Sneak-Peak Edition 4!

23 November 2014


13 November 2014

Making beautiful combinations for twins with this Ornaments fabrics.
Mix & Match and they have their own piece what’s combined with each other.

Bow Time!!

30 October 2014

Boys Boys Boys!!

20 October 2014

Boys are always on an adventure outside! Playing in the garden with a football, making sandcastles or crawling through the mud.
Well moms, your washing machine is running overtime after a good day of playing.

Here are some Jerseys of my Poppy collection. Even after a couple of washes, these Jersey prints will stay full of colour!!

So moms don’t worry, let your kids play.

Keep calm!!

5 October 2014

Princess Power!!

24 September 2014

Little girls love a fairy-like surrounding, with romantic tiaras, candy coloured gowns and some beautiful flowers in their hair. With this little star print in combination with the feeling described above, I think your beloved daughter will feel like a real princess.


10 September 2014

Chinese prints are very hot at this moment!
As the wide range of different clothing styles keep expanding, this time it are the Chinese prints which add their influence to the fashion world.
You see more and more cultural clothing around the world being mixed with fashion and these particular prints can be a great eye catcher.
Everybody loves the charisma of a nice kimono. But instead of wearing a kimono, you can also use the prints in your everyday outfit. 

Happiness not for sale!

11 August 2014



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