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Cool clothes

2 December 2016

See below one of the fashionable sets of our new Poppy Magazine Edition 8. Do you also want to make this for your little girl? To order the Magazine online please click here and just for a view online click here.

Poppy Magazine Edition 8

30 November 2016

See below the cover of our newest Poppy Magazine Edition 8. We are super proud of it! I’m so curious to find out what your first impression is? If you want to subscribe to the magazine please click on this picture and fill in the sheet! I wish you so much sewing fun!!

Shining Eyes

18 November 2016

One of the hot items in my collection are the shining eyes, this fashionable cotton jersey fabric has a glitter that pops up the eyes. Great for lovely teenage girls!

Baby shark

11 November 2016

In the newest Poppy Magazine edition 8 there will be some hobby articles again! See below our little shark. The purring fur fabric which is used is super soft, so that your little kid will feel warm in this cosy bathrobe. Do you want to make a shark bathrobe for you toddler, just find Edition 8 of the Poppy Magazine! It will be in the stores very soon!

Bamboo bear

3 November 2016

Panda prints are hot this moment, one of my newest prints you can see below. This sweat fabric gives the kids a nice and warm feeling for the coming winter. Are you already winter-proof? Well this pretty girl is.

Big boys

28 October 2016

See below one of our cool boys prints. This Jersey fabric is so suitable for a shirt like this.

Sneak peak!

14 October 2016

We did the shoot for our new Poppy Magazine Edition 8. This was such a fun day, I enjoyed it so much! Underneath you can see one of our cute models, isn’t she the sweetest??
Also you can see one of my new dessins, the graceful swans are in the collection right now!

Digital designs!

20 September 2016

Since a few seasons I also have digital designs in my collection. This brand new design below is very cool with all the wild animals and very suitable for boys. It’s printed on cotton jersey, so perfect and comfortable for your kids t-shirt.

Colour combination!

13 September 2016

For the future season we see a lot of the trendy colour ochre. You can combine this for example with grey, black and white. I am very curious if you like it?


9 September 2016

For all seasons you can make dessins with ornaments. This is a non-stop trend that will go on and on. Below a jersey fabrics with a one of our colourful ornament prints. This sweet little design makes this girl even more cute.

Cactus fever

29 August 2016

This season the cactus is very popular in kids fashion. This ‘easy to keep alive’ plant is not only visible on clothes, it‘s also a hot trend in interiors. See below one of my many prints with a cactus, which is printed on a brushed sweat and is usable for both boys and girls.

Fancy Fabrics!

22 August 2016

At this moment black, white and grey colours are very hot. I have made different designs on my fabrics, so there is something for every one. Boys, girls and babies will be able to get a fancy fabric in their style.

Bear love

21 July 2016

Every kid has his own teddy bear to take where they want, to the supermarket, playground and also in bed to keep you warm. I would like to show you one of the bear dessins, this fancy soft jersey fabric is made for boys and girls and looks very cool.

Free Pattern Headband

8 July 2016


4 July 2016


Lovely flowers

24 June 2016

These lovely cotton fabrics are one of my sweetest dessins at this moment. You can make so many beautiful clothes with this. Also the combination of those 2 can be very fashionable for your baby girl.

Happy customers!

14 June 2016

Thanks Fiona for sending us this great picture of your daughter! It looks like she is very happy with her dress made of the arrow design! We are always happy to received pictures from happy customers, so if there are more people who want to share their creations with us, please send your pictures to poppy@bypoppy.eu. Thanks!

Skater boy!

3 June 2016

Jump, flip or stunt in the air, feel like flying. Boys know how to do their stunts.
For making the comfortable outfit to do these tricks, we have a perfect sweat fabric that will do the job.

Glitter & Glamour

30 May 2016

For our girls, young and old we have a funky jersey with glitters. So if you want to shine and stand out this is your fabric.
A little glitter on your face and you will be the princess of the day!

Frizz up!

18 May 2016

Boys are always on an adventure outside, they never sit still! Frizz up, jumping and running all day long.
You’ll need a pair of good stretchy clothes for your boy. The jogging fabrics on the below picture are perfect for a day of climbing and playing!



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